SMART Trade Alert Service


We have now launched this new service which will be delivered through a Skype room for the trade alerts and chat and gotowebinar technology for emergency webinars and on-the-fly educational sessions.

The service is hosted by the Tradeguider trading team.

Tradeguider Systems International have been developing new Volume Spread Analysis trading strategies to address the various types of trading time-frames available in the markets.

Danny Younes
Room Host

Steve Philips
Professional Trader

Gavin Holmes
Author and VSA Trader

Philip Friston
Retired UK Fund Manager and VSA Expert

The trading and investment methodology is centrally based around the time proven strategies of the Wyckoff method and Volume Spread Analysis methodology originally developed by Tom Williams. In addition we use the following confirmation tools:

Gavin Holmes trigger bars Fibonacci retracement levels
Pivot points Point & Figure charting profit projections
Trend alignment in multiple time-frames The latest Volume Spread Analysis signals
The Wyckoff / VSA Bull Bear thermometer Key turning point analysis

New strategies will be announced as they are developed. The alert service will provide the following key features:

Alerts delivered via the Wyckoff / VSA SMART skype room Futures, Forex and Stocks markets traded in multiple time-frames
Suggested entry price An average of 200 alerts each month in multiple markets
Suggested profit target Generated by automated systems not commercially available
Suggested stop loss Methodology involves VSA, advanced scanning and trending tools
Risk reward ratio Wyckoff Williams Portfolio Fund Management systems used to generate some of the alerts

Traders Lounge

The traders lounge is hosted as part of the skype alarm room which is monitored and hosted by author of "Supercharge Your Trading & Investment Account with Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis" Danny Younes, who is regularly joined by author of "Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money" Gavin Holmes. They are there to help you with your trading and answer questions.

The Traders Lounge is the number one online venue to meet other like minded traders and investors. The emphasis is on building an online Wyckoff / VSA trading and investing community where traders can discuss trading business, ask questions, share ideas and trading tips and make the trading business more collaborative and less solitary and insular.

The Room provides some great benefits:

Chat with like-minded traders The largest online VSA Community globally
Ask questions and get answers 24 / 7 service
Receive hints and tips from other traders Completely secure
Post charts    
Receive regular trading opportunities    

Emergency Webinars on-the-fly

Whenever a member of the trading team See's key VSA principles that are likely top turn the markets and and trading opportunities considered to have a higher probability move in a trend we will host an online Emergency Trading Briefing. The invite will be posted in the Skype Room for immediate launch. These event will NOT be made public.

Here you will see us analyzing the market following the detection of key market movements.

The service offers some great benefits:

Live trading with real cash discover optimum strategies for exiting trades
In depth market analysis All trading styles from scalping to position trading
Trading using our hedge fund trading systems Futures, FOREX and Stocks will be covered
See trade entry points detected    
Watch as we manage the trades live    


Our mission is to empower traders and investors at every stage of their development - just as we did with 2 of our Customers who are world cup trading champions.

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Subscription options

to subscribe on a weekly subscription of $29.99

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to subscribe on a monthly subscription of $99.99

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to subscribe on a quarterly subscription of $249.99

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