End of Day Stock Scan Software

The Tradeguider End-of-Day stand-alone software package enables you to scan for stocks that are out performing or under-performing the index

This package can then be used on its own using its internal charting package and VSA toools, or with our traidng packages and SMART Center Pro Package.

This unique tool can scan for under and over performing stocks and do an indicator scan to detect VSA principles. You can then identify entry points either on the charts in the package itself, or using the charting tools within the 3rd party trading platform you use - such as Tradestation or NinjaTrader.

to check out our Youtube video which shows this uniquely powerful scanning process in action

Please note, what ever 3rd party trading platform you use, the End of Day stand-alone platform will require it's own separate Metastock data-feed - details below.

The package has some other unique benefits:

Powerful Wyckoff VSA Scanners scan for out performing and under performing stocks agains the index (Requires data service with stock and index data)
The highest probability long and short trading candidates can be transferred to Smart Center Pro for intra-day trading (Requires separate subscription or purchase of the Smart Center Pro software)
Full charting package (Data not included)
VSA Toolset including VSA signals, medium term trending tool, short term trending tool, volume thermometer, trend clusters, stop management tool, price trend indicators
Works with most Metastock compatible data-feed


FREE End-of-Day Datafeed

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