Beginners Guide to Trading Course

The Beginners Guide to Trading the Markets contains all the basics you need to get started as a trader.

7 modules last just under 1 hour
Assume no prior knowledge of trading or the markets
can be played on any PC, smart-phone or tablet
Will bring you to the stage where you can begin to learn the trading process

Within 7 modules that between them last just under 1 hour you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how all markets tick and how the trading business works.

What will I learn?

Module1 How the Markets Work Module 2 The Different types of market
What a market is The different markets available
How all markets work The advantages of each market
What factors affect the markets The disadvantages of each market
Who are the players in the market What type of market is right for you?
Bull markets and Bear markets explained Some key terminology


Module3 How and why markets go up and down Module 4 Volume - the key to trading
The key universal laws which drive all markets Who the "Smart Money" are
The major players Why market volume is so important
What moves the markets
Why it is so key to trading
How the markets are moved How the media influences market movement
When the markets are moved How to understand a price chart
How to predict markets movements Why VSA can identify "Smart Money" activity


Module 5 How to pick your broker Module 6 Things to consider before starting
What a broker does What a trading plan is
The different types of brokerage firms Why a trading plan is so crucial
Factors to consider when selecting a broker What a trading platform is
10 critical factors How to select a platform that is right for you


Module 7 The VSA Trading process explained
How you trade with a simple 3 step trading process
How the package can develop you into a trader
How the software help identify trading opportunities
How the tools help you manage and exit a trade
How you can further enhance your trading skills
How you can become part of the online trading community