VSA Trading Course

Learn to trade with VSA - the complete VSA trading course

8 modules containing 34 sections - total length 40 hours
Covers every aspect of the trading process
can be played on any PC, smart-phone or tablet
Will bring you to the stage where you can begin to paper trade with VSA

The VSA Trading Course is a complete, integrated and structured course designed to enable you to trade the Markets using VSA. Using a mix of video, multimedia and PDF documents, the course covers everything you need to start trading in harmony with the "Smart Money". 8 modules containing 36 presentations cover every aspect of trading with VSA.

Module 1 - The Basics

Introduction into how the markets work
Introduction to Volume Spread Analysis
Supply & Demand
Absorption Volume & Breakouts

Module 2 - Software Tutorial - Stage 1

Software basics
The VSA Signal Indicators
The Trending Tools
Volume Thermometer
Trend Clusters
Using the tools together

Module 3 - Chart Reading Analysis

8 Signs of Strength with chart examples
8 Signs of Weakness with chart examples
Checklist for going long
Checklist for going short

Module 4 - VSA Trading Principles

Distribution & Accumulation
The Playing Field
The Importance of Background

Module 5 - Creating a VSA Trading Plan

Money Management
Managing the methods
Managing the Mindset
Trading Journal
Trading Plan Examples

Module 6 - The 6 Key Principles of Charting

Identifying No Demand after Weakness has appeared
Identifying No Supply after Strength has appeared
End of a Rising Market - strong set up explained
Bag-Holding - strong set up explained
Identifying Congestion and no trade set ups
How to identify and trade Market Tops and Market Bottoms

Module 7 - Trading Tips

10 Reasons why many retail traders lose money
Trade Management techniques
Using Support & Resistance
Trading using Multiple Time frames
The Psychology of Trading

Module 8 - Software Tutorial - Stage 2

Using the Sequential Scanner