Live Trading Sessions

Exciting, fast-paced trading events

A unique live trading experience. Every month there are between 5 and 8 key days where the volatility caused by a number of factors including...

Quantitative easing
News events
Phases in the VSA cycle
Institutional activity

...makes these days some of the best in the month to trade.

We know from our trading activities, our knowledge of VSA principles and our insider connections, when these days are going to occur.

On each of those days we will host a 3 hour trading room which will trade Cash accounts live in the markets using the VSA sequential indicators and scanners which we use to generate the monthly trade alerts.

Each event will be archived the same day and access emailed to all subscribers. The archives will be available for the remainder of the month.

These will be exciting, fast-paced events which can be followed on all devices from PC's and MAC's to iPhones and Android devices, so you can take part wherever you are.