Introducing the Tradeguider Wyckoff / VSA SMART Trading Room

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What will the trading room offer?

In The VSA SMART Trading Room we will trade real money live in the markets using our “SMART” trading tools”. US, Asian, Australian, European Stocks, Commodities FOREX, Currency Futures and Futures will be scanned for Wyckoff VSA trade setups. Live trades will be placed whenever setups are found

The objective is show you how to master trades that can be taken with consistency. By having access to the Wyckoff / VSA SMART Center Pro and watching clear and precise set ups it generates, you will compose a playbook that can be used for the entire life time of your trading.

The room is hosted by Steve Phillips who will be joined by trader and author of "Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money" Gavin Holmes - who was Tom Williams' protege. alongside other guest traders, to make you familiar with different trading styles.

Whilst the accent is on an educational approach it will be in the context of live trading activity. No powerpoints, no historical charts, just trading at the right edge.

It is the only way to see Wyckoff / VSA SMART Center Pro in action without owning or leasing it.

There will be opportunities for you to ask questions as the sessions are interactive, using the gotowebinar software which is now the industry standard webinar system.

Tradeguider Systems International which recently launched the Wyckoff / VSA SMART Center Pro at the CME Group Headquarters in Chicago, understands the skepticism of the retail trader/investor who, up to now has not been able to make it in the markets.

Join us and let us demonstrate and prove to you that the Wyckoff / VSA trading method and chart analysis will put you on the right side of the market in harmony with the Smart Money, rather than losing alongside the uninformed retail traders and investors. (who the late Syndicate Trader and inventor of VSA, Tom Williams would call "The Herd")

Now it's time for you to understand exactly how "Smart Money" moves the markets so YOU can trade in their shadow. In our live trading room we will trade techniques and strategies that very few traders and investors will know about.

We will prove to you:

Why weakness or selling happens as the markets move up - just as an auctioneer would bid the prices up to encourage you to buy higher - the markets work in the same way.

Why "safe havens" are traps which are set for you to lose money - because they are not safe at all!

We will show you the truths revealed in the book "The Undeclared Secrets Which Drive the Stock Market" - written by Tom Williams by demonstrating the key trading strategies successfully used by the Trading Syndicate in Beverly Hills California, of which Tom was a member.

Room Opening Details

The Wyckoff / VSA SMART Trading Room is open from 9:15am to 12:15pm US EST each weekday.

Subscription Fee:

Special introductory price of $99 for the first 30 days of your subscription.

On day 31 you we will be billed $249.95. You can cancel at any time during the 30 day trial period by logging into the Customer area of the Tradeguider website.

Places are limited, so subscribe now to avoid disappointment.

About Steve Phillips

Steve is based in Las Vegas Nevada where he trades Futures, Stocks and Spot Forex.

Steve started trading in 2004, studying all the lagging indicators macd, elliot wave ect.

In 2004 he tried day trading stocks and read the tape that traded actively with success. He then decided to catch bigger moves by swing trading,

Since 2005 he spent 8 to 12 hours a day studying and trading the markets. The same year Steve discovered TradeGuider which triggered his passion to study the markets full time. He purchased the TradeGuider software and Tom Williams' books. Tom lifted the fog and Steve was starting to read charts like sheets of music. After 6 months of intense studying and paper trading, he began to trade full time. He studied a vast array of successful traders and money management techniques and developed a playbook for specific market conditions. For the past six years. Steve has been running a live trading room and has taught people all over the world to become successful traders. Some of his students have become hedge fund traders. This past year he has been a contributor for Jim Cramer's website.

Steve is currently trading a substantially sized fund.