Course Synopsis

Market Strength
Establish Long Positions or Liquidate Short Positions

Understand the critical path that leads to all true market bottoms and causes a market to rise.
Discover the signs that show true strength during an accumulation phase;
Identify the patterns that signal the end of supply and enables the market to immediately rise

Market Weakness
Establish Short Positions or Liquidate Long Positions

Understand the sequence of events that cause all markets to "top-out" and fall.
Discover the hidden messages that the market sends you, that absolutely confirms the top in all markets
Identify the best area to establish a short position

We'll also teach you the following:

Learn how to identify trigger numbers based on Volume Spread Analysis through a unique 25 bar set up for both short and long trade entry
Identify trade management techniques to clearly understand countermanding signals and how to deal with them
  See where to position stops underneath the last point of heavy supply and demand
What "Herd Mentality" is and why the herd must be involved in true market tops and bottoms
Who the "Weak Holders" are and how to avoid becoming one
The one area where a high volume / wide spread up-bar actually confirms market strength
Why strength always appear on down-bars and weakness always appears on up-bars
How the specialists try to trick you into buying into a weak market and selling a strong market
How you can recognize and profit from a shakeout in the market you are trading
How to tell when a market is ready to change from a bull phase to a bear phase (and vice versa)
What happens to the price spread when the specialists feel bullish
What to watch out for when the specialists feel bearish
Why a market changes trend and how you must position yourself to be ahead of the game
How the professionals "test" when the market is ready for a bull run 
How to tell when a Market is at, or near its top
What the professional traders will try to do once you have entered a trade. Don't let this happen to you!
How to uncover the best ways to identify turning points in your chosen market(s)
What to do when a market reaches an old top 
How to see a bottom reversal and take advantage of it before everyone else
What "stopping volume" is and how you can profit from it