Building Trader Confidence & Minizing Fear
Would you be interested in trading more confidently while minimizing the struggle with fear?

In this online seminar presented by TradeGuider's resident psychologist Dr Gary Dayton, traders will learn important skills on how to trade more confidently with VSA while minimizing their struggle with fear.

Over 4 hours of practical, real-world solutions and analysis, split over 2 sessions, which will enhance your attitude to your trading activities.



Specifically, you will learn and understand:

Dr Gary Dayton
Professional Trader
The main types of fear in trading
How we experience fear and how fear affects our trading
Why fear is nearly automatic and how we actually teach ourselves to fear the markets
The typical strategies traders use to fight fear, why these are ineffective, and how these typical strategies may actually make us more vulnerable to the negative effects of fear
Common myths about fear
How VSA helps us see fear in the markets and help us reduce fear
The antidote to fear: confidence
What it really means to trade with confidence
Effective new ways to comprehend and reduce the struggle with fear based on cutting-edge behavioral science
Specific steps and skills to rapidly move yourself toward confident trading and minimize fear’s impact on your trading

Participants will receive worksheets and exercises useful in absorbing and integrating the skills taught in this webinar.

This Course is accessed online from your downloads section of the Customer Website and is self paced. You can access it whenever and wherever you like on a permanent basis.

Dr. Gary Dayton is the president of Peak Psychological Services, a consulting firm that specializes in developing peak performance in traders. Dr. Gary is a licensed psychologist and holds a doctorate in psychology from Rutgers University with specialization in clinical and sport psychologies. He is also an active trader in the CME futures markets, applying VSA and Wyckoff methodologies.

Through workshops, groups, and individual coaching, Dr. Gary helps traders overcome the psychological pitfalls unique to trading. He applies state-of-the-science knowledge in behavioral finance, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, and sport psychologies to help individuals systematically develop as traders, enhancing emotional control and trading performance, with the ultimate goal of instilling in the trader the ability to become their own peak performance coach.