Wealth Acceleration Masterclass


Session 1 - Mindset Part 1
Session 2 - Money Part 1
Session 3 - Manipulation - Part 1
Session 4 - Mindset Part 2
Session 5 - Money Part 2
Session 6 - Manipulation Part 2


During these sessions we will be covering the following information:

The Wealth Mindset

The 3 step formula for deliberate wealth attraction.

How to stop attracting negative outcomes.

How to build a wealth mastermind.

How to correctly use Affirmations.

Learn the three equations to accelerated allowing

Plus how to destroy self doubt and fear for ever.

Learn to control emotional responses to losing and winning trades.

How to destroy the herd mentality mindset.


How to boost your current financial foundations.

Learn how to use Paul’s Clarity Through Contrast Formula to achieve more of YOUR goals in record time.

Learn how to remove limiting money beliefs.

Learn the inner workings of the law of attraction to harness true abundance.

How to correctly use vision boards for positive results.

Understand the 5 levels of successful self talk.

Learn the 10 wealth destroying human constraints.

Market Manipulation – How to make money.

How to identify when a market is being manipulated.

Learn why volume spread analysis tracks the moves of “Smart Money”

Learn to read a chart in advance of a market move to profit from the move in the right direction.

Learn why you should sell when news is good and buy when news is bad – If it is confirmed on the chart.

Learn when a trade is high probability, low probability or no trade.

Learn the best markets to trade at different times.