Three Methodologies have transformed market analysis over the last 100 years
Richard Wyckoff - David Weis - Tom Williams
We have brought together the best team in the World to teach them to you

David Weis
Market Analyst
Inventor of the Weis Wave

Tom Williams
Veteran Syndicate Trader
Inventor of VSA
Dr Gary Dayton
Professional Trader
Wyckoff Expert
Steve Phillips
VSA Trader
Hosts TradeGuider Stocks and Futures room
Gavin Holmes
Professional Trader
CEO TradeGuider

12 Hour online Course to help you re-discover the lost art of Chart Reading so YOU can read the hidden messages in every chart and trade like a professional

You will learn:

How to read charts like a professional trader using Wyckoff principles
Valuable entry and exit strategies for high probability low risk trading
How to use Multiple Time Frames to reduce errors and increase profitability
Specific Wyckoff Trade Setups you can immediately use
The sequencing of key market events so that you know exactly what the market will do next
How to identify "Smart Money" movements at the right edge using Volume
Where to place stops for effective risk management
How to develop the right mind-set to enhance your trading activity
The power and insight of the Weis Wave methodology
Two Goals, Three laws and Five steps - a practical approach to trading the Wyckoff Way
Understanding Wyckoff charting principles through Tick Charts, Point & Figure, Candle Analysis, Kagi Charts
A true understanding of the core VSA principles
Integrating volume \ price studies with Technical Analysis