Wyckoff Rediscovered Course

Hundreds of traders and investors rediscover the lost art of making money in the markets.

Wyckoff principles and methodology went under the spotlight as the biggest collection of Wyckoff VSA experts and traders gathered at the Wyckoff Rediscovered Conference in May 2010.

Now you can rediscover how to play the game and trade in harmony with the "Smart Money" Composite Operator as we make available the educational presentation archives.

The Wyckoffian Era is upon us!

In the early 1900's Richard Demille Wyckoff carefully studied the "Smart Money" traders of the time and discovered that all markets are moved by the big players often referred to as the Composite Operator or "Smart Money".

Over 100 years later the Wyckoffian method of trading is becoming generally accepted as a most vital part in market timing and analysis.

TradeGuider Systems is very proud to announce: The International "Wyckoff Rediscovered" On-line Course

This is your opportunity to hear and see the best Wyckoffian traders in the business.


You can access and purchase this educational event in 2 ways:

Pay as you go - presentation by presentation

Purchase access to the whole course

In this educational course which celebrates Wyckoff's work we have taken a detailed look at how his teachings add real value to the trading activities of traders and investors whatever market or style they trade. This is a uniquely comprehensive educational presentation which will change your view of how the markets work and enlighten you as to how low risk high probability trades are a reality if you understand the markets, know how to read a chart and know who really controls all markets.

The Educational presentations cover the following:

How does the Wyckoff method Work?
Understand the "trading game" and how to win it
How is the market changing and why Wyckoff is increasingly relevant?
What is the relationship between Wyckoff and Volume Spread Analysis? (VSA) - learn how the methodologies combine to create truly high probability trades
Learn how to select stocks that are acting stronger in a bull move and weaker in a bear move
Developing a Wyckoff VSA trading Blueprint for Success
Understanding Wyckoff charting principles through Tick Charts, Point & Figure, Candle Analysis, Cagi Charts
Integrating Wyckoff into Technical and Fundamental Analysis to lessen the risk and sharpen the performance
Find out how all markets are manipulated by the "Composite Operator" and how you can benefit from this manipulation
Introducing the Wyckoff Wave and how to use it for successful confirmation in your trading
Two Goals, Three laws and Five steps - a practical approach to trading the Wyckoff Way

See a world class team of experts for an educational weekend and discover how a tried, tested and trusted methodology developed over a century ago has survived, flourished and emerged as the solution to the trading problems of the modern, turbulent, manipulated markets of today.