Personalized Mentorship

Tradeguider now offers one-to-one personalized mentorship completely tailored to meet your trading development requirements. It is the most time effective way to learn and become proficient.

Personalised mentorship explained

With personalised mentorship you are in charge. Everything is tailored to your needs.

Each session is hosted by Gavin Holmes - author and head trader for the asset managment division, who has been offering personalised mentorship to traders and investors throughout the world.

Mentorship areas include:

  • Trading performance
  • VSA analysis
  • Multiple time-frame analysis
  • Market turning points
  • Entry techniques
  • Trade management
  • Keeping winners longer
  • Managing stop loss
  • Gaining confidence
  • Building consistency
  • Trading the news
  • Risk management
  • Moving into new markets

Each mentorship session lasts for 90 minutes and is one-to-one using Skype or GoToMeeting. These are highly interactive sessions with screen sharing.

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Personalized mentorship offers the following features


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

    Accelerated learning approach combined within a secure coaching environment provides the right environment to stimulate learning and understanding


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

    You set your own pace and each session waits for you to get and understand the learning points.

    At the beginning of each session you will agree the core objectives to be met.


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

    The number of sessions required to meet your own objectives will depend upon the size and scope of the requirement.

    Unless there are very simple objectives which can be met within a single session then you will need to book multiple sessions.


Gavin Holmes

Gavin is the author of 'Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money'. He has helped thousands of traders in over 36 countries learn how to track the smart money and avoid the tricks that the smart money play.

Gavin was taught to trade by the late veteran syndicate trader Tom Williams and so was fortunate enough to avoid picking up the bad habits that many retail traders fall prey to.

After living in the USA for some years, he is now based in the UK. He regularly hosts seminars and events sharing his experience and knowledge both of trading and the retail trader experience, derived from talking to hundreds of retail traders each month, most of whom find the markets a challenging environment.

Gavin heads up the trading team at the Company's asset management operation.


Booking personal mentorship sessions

Mentorship sessions can be booked as follows:

Monthly package of 5 sessions

Price $3,000

Purchase session by session

Price $700 per session







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