About Tradeguider

Empowering you to trade alongside the smart money through proven methods and expert guidance that is with you all the way.

Company Overview

Since it first started providing trading solutions in 2003, Tradeguider has helped and guided over 8000 customers throughout the world.

We offer access to the Wyckoff VSA trading software as well as educational and supporting services.

We developed the SMART trading technology and semi-automated trading packages that work accross all markets, every time-frame and any trading style.

Tradeguider Company Overview

Our Team

We are passionate about sharing the Wyckoff VSA solution with you so you can even the odds.

Gavin Holmes | Tradeguider

Taught to trade by veteran syndicate trader Tom Williams. Regularly hosts seminars and events around the world. Trades live in the markets with real money. Appears in many industry competitions and events. Has written two books: 'Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money' and 'The Complete VSA System Explained'. Developed the SMART trading strategies used in the company's core trading activities.

Grigory Margolin | Tradeguider

Has extensive experience in financial markets analysis and in trading stocks, futures, commodities and FOREX instruments on European/American markets using different methodologies. As a developer and CTO has extensive experience in developing, testing, and releasing software applications. Combines programming and development skills, trading experience, and in-depth knowledge of VSA to build leading-edge trading solutions - for example the SMART Technology and the SMART signal service system.

Richard Bednall | Tradeguider

Has been running businesses in video, social media and technology sectors for over 30 years. Began his career with the BBC before joining the in-house media unit of a major financial services company. Had his own production company specialising in the financial services sector, working for blue chip corporates including NatWest Bank, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, London & Continental, Canada Life, Abbey Life, National Mutual, and Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society. In 2010 Richard joined Tradeguider to head up marketing and promotional activities.

Lauren Snedeker | Tradeguider
Director of Education

Lauren brings over 10 years of experience in education, trading and the Wyckoff VSA methodology. Originally a high school History teacher, Lauren joined the Tradeguider family in 2011. Despite never trading before, she quickly learned the methodology and used her training skills to teach others to do the same. She left the company to work in software training and came back to Tradeguider in the fall of 2019 to resume enabling Wyckoff VSA traders to achieve even greater consistency and profitability.

AJ Robinson | Tradeguider
customer services

AJ worked as a US Army Signal Corps mobile communications specialist in Germany and Texas. He then worked as a CNC and CAD-CAM programmer for Raytech in California. He took up a role as a technical and customer support specialist at Primate Software where he rose to become computer administrator/database administrator. He has been with Tradeguider since 2006 in multiple capacities. Today AJ is responsible for the entire customer experience from technical support through to customer relationship management.

Approach & Methodology

The most successful traders recognise the importance of volume for profitability, but it is not yet fully appreciated by retail traders 


Wyckoff Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) makes understanding price and volume changes clear so you can identify the smart money moves with precision and increase your edge


Tradeguider Approach & Methodology

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