About Tradeguider

Empowering you to trade alongside the smart money through proven methods and expert guidance that is with you all the way.

Company Overview

Since it first started providing trading solutions in 2003, Tradeguider has helped and guided over 8000 customers throughout the world.

We offer access to the Wyckoff VSA trading software as well as educational and supporting services.

We developed the SMART trading technology and semi-automated trading packages that work across all markets, every time-frame and any trading style.

Tradeguider Company Overview

Approach & Methodology

The most successful traders recognise the importance of volume for profitability, but it is not yet fully appreciated by retail traders 


Wyckoff Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) makes understanding price and volume changes clear so you can identify the smart money moves with precision and increase your edge


Tradeguider Approach & Methodology