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Introducing VSA Lite: a Gateway to the VSA World

Posted by Tradeguider Team on Friday, March 24, 2023
Tradeguider Team

In September 2021 Tradeguider launched its first mass-market and cloud-based Wyckoff VSA product for TradingView users. So how does it compare with their existing products? We caught up with Richard Bednall, Tradeguider’s CMO, to find out more.


So what is VSA Lite?

‘This is a stripped-back version that has slimmed down functionality but is just as powerful’, says Richard

‘It has 6 indicators which are built around Tom William’s favourite trading approach. Two indicators – Potential Professional Buying and Potential Professional Selling indicate potential turning points. These are then subsequently confirmed by 4 confirmational indicators: 2 to the short side and 2 to the long side. When you combine this with the simple trading strategy, it’s an easy way of identifying trade setups.

It’s aimed at people who don’t want to do a deep dive into the full methodology but want to try it out and see how it can help them. There isn’t so much learning required before you can get up and running with applying Wyckoff VSA methods to your trading.

It is also the only one of our software offerings to be based on a trading setup that we’ve never shared before -- one that was the favourite of the founder of the methodology, Tom Williams.

Like all our products it can be used for any asset class and time frame from months and years down to seconds. You can combine it with any other tools you use.

It works on arguably the most popular trading platform out there – TradingView - which has a user base of over 50 million worldwide. Since our existing software products are supported by the likes of MT4 and Ninjatrader – aimed at Windows desktops – this is the first time that our customers have been able to do VSA chart analysis on a mobile or tablet.`


It’s more affordable than your other packages. What’s the catch?

‘Yes, it will suit the pocket of any trader,’ says Richard, ‘ But unlike our other products you can only use it for in-trend trading.
If we compare it to Chart Center, our previous entry-level offering, you’ll see a difference in productivity – there are over 150 indicators with Chart Center compared to just 6 in VSA Lite.

If you looked at a chart in TradingView with the Lite tools – you’ll see that it will identify one or two trading setups. Whereas if you looked at that same chart over the same period in Chart Center you would see 5 or 6 times the number of setups. VSA Lite is only looking at one trading approach whereas Chart Center looks at several and it supports both in- trend and countertrend trading.


A Comparison of the Setups Found by VSA Lite vs Chart Center


In practical terms if you wanted to say check the trend across 5 time frames with VSA Lite, you’ve got to have 5 charts open, whereas with Chart Center that’s done by the system so you can relatively quickly visually compare multiple time frames on one screen.
VSA Lite also doesn’t have trade management tools.’


So why not go straight to Chart Center?

‘It’s true that in Chart Center we have VSA stops and the Trend Cluster tool that will help you manage and exit the trades. But with more functionality comes more of a learning curve,’ Richard explains.

‘VSA Lite is a great way to get an introduction to the VSA Methodology and then if the trader wants to move onto the fuller suite of software they already understand the basics.’


Is there anything people need to know about that migration process?

‘It requires a platform change. We’ve got people who have maybe been on the MT4 platform but have gone to TradingView to try out the Lite package and would ideally like to migrate back to MT4 because that is the package they  are familiar with.

But when people do make the switch we give them the flexibility to switch from one payment frequency to another, getting the savings that come with that.’

‘Some go to from VSA Lite to Chart Center; others go from VSA Lite to SMART Center, which brings a whole other level of enhanced capabilities. Productivity is the key differentiator if you go further up the chain, in terms of how many trades you can take in a given time, how much time it takes and the trading performance. These  all increase as you go up the product range’.


Do you have more questions? Feel free to get in touch

And with that we let Richard get back to trading. He’s been using VSA Lite for some time and loves its simplicity as a part-time trader. He and the team are happy to hear from you if you have more questions about the new product - don`t be shy.


Tradeguider is the home of Wyckoff VSA. We`ve designed VSA Lite to be easy to use and quick to get results from. It`s a great gateway to the wider world of Wyckoff VSA and decision support based on Tradeguider`s long-established software. Priced to be affordable so traders with any size of account can be trading for a dollar a day it will still help you track the smart money moves without you needing to learn so much about the VSA Methodology. You can save that for later when you`re ready to grow into one of our other products. 

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