The Complete Package

This package is the ultimate mix of software, educational content, trading services and mentorship.


    VSA Lite, Chart Center, or SMART Center
  • Resource center
  • Automated trading alert service
  • Stock scanning service
  • Mentorship collection
  • eBook library
  • Event archive collection

Works for futures, FOREX, CFDs, stocks, commodities, options and cryptos.

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SMART center

The Complete Package contains all 8 of the software and services outlined below

1. VSA Lite, Chart Center, or SMART Center

Choose between the 3 software packages

1. VSA Lite foir TradingView

The package is aimed at:
Traders & investors who want to add VSA into their trading
Who want a simplified approach to save time
Who want to minimize the learning required and get results

2. Chart Center

Chart Center is positioned at traders who want to gain a deeper understanding of the VSA methodology and incorporate different trading approaches instead of the one provided in Lite.

With over 150 VSA indicators a trader can develop numerous trading strategies using both in-trend and counter-trend trading.

Additionally, there are several extra tools including trending and trade management with the latter helping understand exits.

3. SMART Center

SMART technology enables the software to perform the time-consuming process of chart analysis. Without SMART 80% of a traders time is taken up with analysis and just 20% on the actual trading activity. With SMART technology the opposite is true.

This enables the software to identify many more trading opportunities, without you having to continually analysing the charts.

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2. Tradeguider Resouce Center

Here is the largest collection anywhere of eBooks, videos, courses and PDF's devoted to Volume Spread Analysis. This is your opportunity to learn Wyckoff Volume Spread Analysis 



3. Automated Trade Alert Service

Automated trade alerts are delivered to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and cover futures, FOREX and stocks. Each alert notifies you of a future trade setup and includes:

  • Suggested entry level
  • Suggested profit target
  • Suggested stop loss
  • Risk / reward ratio
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4. Stock Scanning Service

We offer 3 stock scanning services:

1. The Index Scanner scans of the top 10 over and bottom 10 under performing stocks against the parent index.

2. The indicator scanner scans all the major indexes looking for key VSA signals which forecast a future market turn.

3. The sector scanner identifies the top 10 over performing and bottom 10 under performing stocks against the sector.

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5. Mentorship Collection

A suite of 10 mentorship sessions covering many aspects of Wyckoff VSA trading. These recorded sessions are available on demand and can be accessed from PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

Over 85 hours of unique educational content.

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6. eBook Library

Recommended reading from a library of leading Wyckoff VSA experts.

Printed books and eBooks available.

Authors include Tom Williams, Gavin Holmes, and Philip Friston.

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7. Event Archive Collection

This unique collection of courses includes over 60 hours of educational content and explains everything you need to know to trade the markets using Wyckoff VSA.

Presenters include Tom Williams, Gavin Holmes, Philip Friston, Dr Gary Dayton, and Danny Younes.

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8. Monthly live group mentorship

On the 2nd Monday of each month (starting Monday November 7th) there will be a 4 hour group mentorship session which begins at 9am New York time, hosted by CEO Gavin Holmes and Chief Technology Officer Grigory Margolin.

They will provide educational mentorship to help you get the most out of your subscription.

You will be able to email questions, charts etc prior to each event so we can answer your questions and meet your needs.

Each session will be archived for access for the lifetime of your subscription.


The Complete Package is available as a yearly subscription

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