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Tradeguider hosts regular live trading events and Wyckoff VSA trading webinars. View our most recent recordings below.

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View TrendSetter trading strategy webinar | Wyckoff VSA
TradeGuider Team

Trading with the
TrendSetter Strategy 

Lauren Snedeker introduces Tradeguider's latest rules-based trading strategy, TrendSetter, which simplifies the entire trading process. Learn how the strategy works with Chart Center to accelerate your trading performance.

View Stock scanning tools | Wyckoff VSA
Gavin Holmes 

How to Find Stocks Moving Now with Wyckoff VSA

Gavin Holmes and the Tradeguider Team show you how our stock scanners use Wyckoff VSA to find stocks that are ready to move.

View Live Stocks & Futures Trading webinar | Tradeguider
Tradeguider Team

Live Stocks & Futures Trading with Wyckoff VSA

Watch us trade the British Pound vs US Dollar currency futures contract and also see our "Bag Holding" VSA indicator in action. 

View Wyckoff VSA trading | Uptrend trade setups
Gavin Holmes

A Wyckoff VSA Test in an Uptrend Trade Setup

Gavin Holmes demonstrates how to use Wyckoff VSA to detect smart money activity and act upon uptrend trade setups, live in the market.

View Testing supply in a rising market | Wyckoff VSA trading
Gavin Holmes

Testing Supply with VSA Why CMG Went Up

Gavin explains testing the supply in a rising market, applying Wyckoff VSA principles to the live market on the back of bullish stock trends.  

View FOREX & Currency Futures Trading webinar
The Tradeguider Team

FOREX & Currency Futures Trading Session

Led by Lauren Snedeker, our VSA Educator, the Tradeguider Team discuss the major differences between the FOREX and currency futures markets and how to applying VSA strategies.

View Covid-19 Emergency Live Trading Webinar
Tradeguider Team 

Covid-19 Emergency Webinar - What VSA is Showing on the Charts

Look back at our coronavirus-related trading webinar, which discusses how the smart money is reacting and the Wyckoff VSA indicators you should look out for on the charts.

View Live Trading Webinar - Tribute to Tom Williams
Tradeguider Team

Trading Tribute to Tom Williams: Inventor of Volume Spread Analysis

In this tribute to the late, great Tom Williams, this 2-hour video is a webinar recording of the Tradeguider Team showing traders exactly why Wyckoff VSA is so effective, using live trading and chart analysis. 

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