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Advanced Group Mentorship Service

Tradeguider now offers weekly group mentorship services to create elite teams of traders, enabling them to learn through a highly effective, tailored educational process, how to become a consistently effective and confident VSA trader.

The service explained

The group mentorship service is based around the concept of building an elite trading group

Starting month 1 the sessions will cover a mix of educational content linked around a rolling program of trading / investing activity. The educational side is devoted (but not confined) to the following:

  • How the Market Works
  • In depth key VSA Principles
  • Advanced studies of Support / Resistance Levels
  • Risk / Reward in VSA trading
  • Multi Time Frame Environments
  • Advanced trade managment techniques

Each week there are 2 x 2.5 hour sessions.

During each session you will trade and/or analyse your own past trades using the trading platform of your choice and asset class you prefer. Each mentee will explain trades while fellow mentees and tutors will comment, offer help and insights, to build up practical trading skills as part of an elite group of VSA traders.

Maximum group size - 5 members at any one time.

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The group mentorship service offer the following features


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

    We want to create a group of elite VSA traders who understand the practicalities of trading with this powerful methodology.

    A group increasingly practiced in the art of enlightened trading from the advanced perspective of supply and demand.


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

  • The service is offered to anyone who currently uses any of the Tradeguider software packages and works for any market or trading style.
  • An open mic approach makes these sessions highly interactive and supportive.


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

  • Each session is focused on formulating, practicing, enhancing and embellishing advanced trading strategies and practices to perfect performance and consistency.
  • After each month you can continue with your group, or move on taking the learned teachings into your ongoing trading.


Weekly sessions

Weekly sessions are as follows:

US group

  • Monday each week Midday New York time

  • Thursday each week week Midday New York time

Each session last 2-3 hours

  • Each session uses Zoom Meeting technology

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    Minimum entry requirements

    You will need to:

    • have basic trading skills

      be familiar with the main VSA principles and basic setups

    • be familiar with core volume criteria including ultra high and low volume

    • demonstrate a general understanding of supply and demand


    Group Mentorship Team

    Grigory Margolin | Tradeguider

    Has extensive experience in financial markets analysis and in trading stocks, futures, commodities and FOREX instruments on European/American markets using different methodologies. As a developer and CTO has extensive experience in developing, testing, and releasing software applications. Combines programming and development skills, trading experience, and in-depth knowledge of VSA to build leading-edge trading solutions - for example the SMART Technology and the SMART signal service system.


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