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Works with the following trading platforms

Infinityfutures | Tradeguider
MetaTrader 4 | Tradeguider
MetaTrader5 | Tradeguider
NinjaTrader  | Tradeguider
Sierra Chart  | Tradeguider
TradeStation  | Tradeguider

Get the Wyckoff VSA package that's right for you

Whether you are part-time, full-time, professional, or institutional, our trading solutions will meet your needs.

Full-feature breakdown of our packages

Packages to suit part-time, full-time, professional, or institutional traders

  • Over 300 VSA Indicators
  • Medium term trending tool
  • Short term trending tool
  • Volume thermometer
  • Relative volume tool
  • Email notifications
  • Stop management tool
  • Scan medium term trend in up to 10 time frames
  • Scan up to 25 markets simultaneously
  • Scan for confirmation signals in up to 10 time frames
  • Provide audible alert for change in trend
  • SMART trading strategies
  • Scan volume thermometer in multiple time frames
  • Configure confirmation signals
  • Configure trend tools settings
  • Scan for retracement level analysis
  • Scan using trigger bar analysis
  • Complete tool configuration

Chart Center


$1,999 full purchase

Chart Center

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SMART Center


$3,999 full purchase

SMART Center

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SMART Center Pro


$7,999 full purchase

SMART Center Pro

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Any market, any trading style, any level of experience

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Tradeguider Supporting Services

To support our 3 Wyckoff VSA packages we offer a range of supporting products and services

Automated Trade Alerts
Automated Trade Alerts | Tradeguider

Automated Trade Alerts

Automated trade alerts are delivered to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and cover futures, FOREX and stocks.

Each alert notifies you of a future trade setup and includes:

  • Suggested entry level
  • Suggested profit target
  • Suggested stop loss
  • Risk/reward ratio
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Book Library 
Bookstore | Tradeguider

Book Library 

Recommended reading from a library of leading Wyckoff VSA experts.

Printed books and eBooks available.

Authors include Tom Williams, Gavin Holmes, and Philip Friston.

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Mentorship | Tradeguider


Choose from a selection of mentorship sessions covering many aspects of Wyckoff VSA trading. These recorded sessions are available on demand and can be accessed from PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

We also offer tailored one-to-one mentorship sessions on an hourly, daily and weekly basis.

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Private Youtube Library
Private YouTube Library | Tradeguider

Private Youtube Library

This private YouTube video library has over 275 educational presentations covering every aspect of Wyckoff VSA trading.

Over 1,000 hours of unique educational content accessible on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device.

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Supporting Software | Tradeguider

Stock Scanning Services

We offer 3 stock scanning services:

  • Indicator Scanner
  • Index Scanner
  • Sector Scanner

The indicator scanner scans all the major indexes looking for key VSA signals which forecast a future market turn.

The sector scanner identifies the top 10 over performing and bottom 10 under performing stocks against the sector.

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Educational Event Archives
Educational Event Archives | Tradeguider

Educational Event Archives

This unique collection of courses includes over 60 hours of educational content and explains everything you need to know to trade the markets using Wyckoff VSA.

Presenters include Tom Williams, Gavin Holmes, Philip Friston, Dr Gary Dayton, and Danny Younes.

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'I would like to express my delight at the current version of TradeToWin [now called Chart Center]. I currently use it for day trading the Dow, Dax and FTSE because nothing else that I have seen has the immediacy and precision that your indicators give me.'

Terry s, stock investor

'I don't care whether the market goes up, down or sideways, and I don't even care what the market is - I use TradeGuider for everything from index futures to oil.'


'I use TradeToWin [now called Chart Center]. I have seen other software, nothing beats it. It is the only software I have come across that allows you to predict market moves based on supply and demand.'


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Tradeguider Benefits

Access to rules-based trading strategies, a clear educational trading course, and sophisticated software tools which:

  • Save time
  • Increase confidence
  • Provide structure
  • Increase consistency

Strikingly versatile, Tradeguider works for any market (including FOREX), on any time frame and trading style, and with the major trading platforms.

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Chart Center

  • Trade with greater confidence
  • Quick-to-learn rules-based strategy
  • Wyckoff VSA, signal & setup email alerts
  • Trade management scanners & tools

SMART Center

  • Save 80% on chart analysis time
  • 4 rules-based strategies for different trading styles
  • SMART audible alerts for trade setups
  • All the benefits of Tradeguider Chart Center

SMART Center Pro

  • Fully configurable SMART Technology
  • Advanced configurable trading filters
  • Design and save your own strategies
  • All the benefits of the Tradeguider SMART Center package

Tradeguider customers see better results


Customers in 44 countries


Years track record with offices in Gibraltar, UK, US and Australia


Up to 70% accuracy in back testing results carried out by our team


Hours is all it takes to set up the package, complete the educational course, and start using the system

Free Access to the Tradeguider Resource Center

Become a Wyckoff VSA trader now! Access all you need to learn to trade using Wyckoff VSA - educational videos, PDFs, eBooks and courses. No software package required.