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Tom Williams

Master the Markets (original version)

Explosive book reveals how all markets are moved by the smart money

Explains how to decode the invisible buy and sell signals that only the professionals understand

Over 230 pages crammed full of charts

Shows how you can trade in harmony with the big players to even the odds

Written by the only smart money syndicate trader to ‘spill the beans’

Gavin Holmes

Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money

Automated trade alerts are delivered via the desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and cover futures, FOREX and stocks

Each alert alerts you to a future trade setup and includes:

  • Suggested entry level
  • Suggested profit target
  • Suggested stop loss
  • Risk/reward ratio
Richard Bednall

The Beginners Guide to Trading the Markets

If you are completely new to trading then this 6 chapter eBook will provide a great introduction to the world of trading

  • What is the number 1 issue holding me back in my trading?
  • How can I better understand how the markets work?
  • Which markets should I trade?
  • How do I get started?

This eBook covers these and other questions that those who are new to trading ask

Tom Williams

Tom Williams Newsletter Compilation Vol 1

Each week the late veteran trader and VSA inventor Tom Williams penned a newsletter for members of the VSA Club

Each week he presented a blend of chart analysis, explanation of the principles and his predictions for the coming days

Over 150 chart examples

Truly insightful analysis from a market insider


An interview with Tom Williams

Inventor of VSA

In this interview, recorded three years before his death in 2018, Tom gives his most detailed insights into the workings of the markets and how the VSA methodology creates a unique perspective for traders

Tom’s groundbreaking view of the markets provides knowledge that only an insider could know

Successful Trading

Discover the VSA Methodology

See Tradeguider CEO Gavin Holmes in conversation with Tom Schneider from NinjaTrader.

In the video they discuss and evaluate the importance and relevance to today's traders and investor of 'reading the tape'

Market Manipulation

In Action

Here we show you how all markets are manipulated, and provide real market manipulation examples across different markets

The video also demonstrates that there is one place (on a price chart) where manipulators cannot hide their actions - if you know where to look

Using Wyckoff VSA 

Live Trading

In this 3-hour session the Tradeguider team trades live in the futures, FOREX and stock markets using key Wyckoff VSA trading principles

Unlike most other trading companies, Tradeguider trades live in the markets with real money


Gavin Holmes

VSA Foundations Course

The course lasts for 10 hours split over 4 sessions with access available online at your own pace

The four areas are as follows: 

The basics of trading and investing using the chart as your guide

How markets are manipulated, why news is used against you or to trick you, and ten reasons retail traders and investors lose money

The 6 key principles of chart reading using Wyckoff VSA

The Wyckoff VSA trade setup sequences explained

Lauren Snedeker

Create your VSA Plan

You need a plan Stan!

Join Wyckoff VSA educator Lauren Snedeker and professional trader and author Gavin Holmes as they help you build a trading plan and trading journal with key Wyckoff VSA strategies

Under risk tolerance learn how to:

  • Create a customized trading plan that is suitable for you
  • Properly allocate your capital
  • Set goals for the short and long term
  • Design specific VSA strategies for entry and exit points

Learn to manage losses by creating, maintaining and evaluating your personal trading journal

Gavin Holmes

Wyckoff VSA Trader Symposium

Live educational sessions held at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange which will teach you how to use Wyckoff VSA

The course consists of 4 sessions, each  designed to take you to the stage where you can trade confidently using the power of  Wyckoff VSA 

Smart trade in harmony with the smart money

Trade using a joined-up approach which is simple, logical and intuitive

Attempt to identify trade setups much more easily and quickly

Trade entry and exit decision-making process is hugely simplified

Dr Gary Dayton

Building Trader Confidence and Minimising Fear

Want to trade more confidently while minimizing your struggle with fear? In this online seminar Tradeguider's resident psychologist Dr Gary Dayton shows how this is done

Over 4 hours of practical, real-world solutions and analysis, split over 2 sessions, will enhance your attitude to your trading activities

Dr Dayton is the president of Peak Psychological Services, a consulting firm that specializes in developing peak performance in traders. He is a licensed psychologist and holds a doctorate in psychology


Gavin Holmes

Gavin’s Trading Plan

A trading plan is absolutely key to the success of your trading activity. It’s a reference point, providing structure and order to trading

This trading plan template created by Tradeguider CEO Gavin Holmes will simplify and speed up the process of creating your plan. There is also a course on trading plans and journals available to purchase in the Mentorship area of our Support Services page

Gavin Holmes

Market Manipulation Examples

This PDF shows a series of market manipulation examples across many sectors. Market manipulation is caused by the activities of the smart money, who cause prices to rise or fall. Wyckoff VSA enables you to trade in harmony with these players

Gavin Holmes

Signs of Weakness with Trade Setups

This PDF is a handy collection of Wyckoff VSA principles and trade setups to help you understand how the Wyckoff VSA methodology can help you identify markets trades to the short side

Gavin Holmes

Signs of Strength with Trade Setups

Identify market trades to the long side using the Wyckoff VSA methodology with this useful collection of Wyckoff VSA principles and trade setups