The Wyckoff Williams VSA Investing Club is for any investor who invests medium to long term. It has everything you need to invest in any market.

It is based on a 3 step investment process: Scan - Select - Invest

The package includes

Daily & Weekly scanning service

Tradeguider SMART Center for NinjaTrader, used for chart analysis to identify a trade

Updated and enhanced Professional Prism rules-based investment strategy doc

Private monthly investment analysis livestream event and event archives

Private bi-weekly market briefing doc

Please note: Trades can then be taken on your existing / selected trading platform

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Daily & Weekly scanning service

We offer 3 scanning services:

  • Indicator scanner
  • Index scanner
  • Sector scanner for the US markets

The indicator scanner scans all the major indexes looking for key VSA signals which forecast a future market turn.

The Index scanner identifies the top 10 over performing and bottom 10 under performing stocks against the Index.

The sector scanner identifies the top 10 over performing and bottom 10 under performing stocks against the sector.

Tradeguider SMART Center for NinjaTrader 8

The NinjaTrader platform has been chosen because it supports the time-frames used in the trading strategy.

Semi-automated trading solution.

Works for futures, FOREX, CFDs, stocks, commodities, options and cryptos.

The package includes

SMART Scanning system

Full VSA indicator set

Trending tools

Volume tools

Trade management tools

Email notifications

ABC's of VSA trading course

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Featured trading platform

The Wyckoff Williams VSA Investing Club package only works with the Ninjatrader 8 platform
Get permanent free access to the platform and end of day data from Kinetic

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Professional PRISM Rules-based Strategy Doc

This strategy document streamlines and simplifies the investment process.

The strategy document covers:

Scanning your chosen market or markets using the Wyckoff / Williams scanners

locates the strongest and weakest trading candidates

Final selection of trading candidates

Investment entry using SMART Center package

Trade management

Risk management

The strategy can be downloaded and printed as a PDF

Download AN overview of the Prism Strategy


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Monthly Private Livestream events

Our monthly private livestream events will be held on the first Saturday of each month. Each event will cover:

  • Market analysis
  • Trading candidate selection
  • Trend analysis in multiple time-frames
  • Trade entry
  • trade management
  • Trade exit
  • Risk management

Private monthly market briefing docs

These briefing docs are written by retired UK fund manager Philip Friston.

They will contain:

  • Longer term market forecasts
  • Market insights
  • Chart analysis using Wyckoff VSA principles
  • Trade set ups explained


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Subscription details

The full package is available for quarterly subscription

Full package - quarterly subscription - $899

Already have SMART Center or SMART Center Pro on the NinjaTrader 8 platform?

Non-software package - quarterly subscription - $499

Already have SMART Center on another platform?

Interested in other upgrade options, monthly, or longer subscription terms?

Email us, or use the livechat button on this page

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