Tradeguider Options Courses

A complete solution for traders who wish to add options to their trading activity

A suite of 3 courses teaching how to trade options using the VSA methodology

The 3 courses offer a structured learning process:

  • Introduction to Options
  • Buy Only Strategies Options Course
  • Multiple Strategies Options Masterclass

The first 2 courses are on-demand modular video-based courses. The masterclass course is a rolling live fully interactive online mentorship course.

The courses have been produced by master trader and VSA expert Coenraad Bezuidenhout.</p>

The overall objective of these courses is to help traders move from either consistently losing or winning, losing then winning then losing to consistently profitable trading where there are small losses and larger profits.

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An understanding of the basic VSA fundamentals is absolutely vital before embarking on learning how to trade options.

If you are not familiar with the Volume Spread Analysis methodology visit our Tradeguider Resource Center where you can get 1 months free access.

If you have taken this course, or are already trading using the VSA trading approach you will need to pass the VSA Fundamentals Competency Test and test your knowledge of the VSA basics before moving on to any of the 3 courses.

This test is free and can be completed in a few minutes.

The Introduction to Options course is designed to give you a clear overview to the concept behind the options trading process. The course covers the basic elements that are involved in trading options.

The course covers:

  • Risk management for options
  • Highly practical trading examples that can also be applied to other trading disciplines
  • A full initial explanation of options
  • The probabilities and time horizons for options

The main benefits from taking the course are:

  • Traders that are new to options will gain an understanding of trading risk and option risk
  • Traders that already know options will learn how the VSA approach can be applied to these instruments

Course price - $19.95

The Buy Only Strategies Course for VSA Lite, Smart Center, SMART Center or Smart Center Pro has been developed to get you to the stage where you can start taking buy only options trades. It provides everything you need to know, together with real trade examples.

The course is modular and takes you through the options trading process in simple easy-to-understand steps.

The course covers:

  • Directional bias
  • The strike price selection framework and calculating option scenarios before the trade is placed
  • Managing option trades - trading risk management
  • Buy only time horizons and strategies
  • Buy strategies to hedge out stock trade risk
  • Pure option buy strategies

Once you have completed the course you will have:

  • A solid framework for selecting the right strike prices
  • The ability to calculate risk before the trade is placed
  • More tools to manage trading risk
  • A plan for when the trade is going in your direction, hits mid point or is going against you
  • A way to ascertain if the selected strike price is good
  • A way to gauge whether or not the selected strike price is likely to work in your favour based on directional bias
  • The knowledge to start trading buy only option strategies based on your broker’s ability and trading capital

You will be able to immediately apply what is is taught in this course to your trading.

The course is on demand so you can take it whenever you like, on PC, tablet or smartphone.

Course price - $499

The Options Masterclass provides everything you need to trade options using advanced multiple strategies to trade in any direction.

The course covers:

  • The building blocks for developing spread strategies
  • Advanced risk management for options
  • Options trade management
  • Placing your first option trades
  • The best option strategies for regular use
  • Which spread option strategies works best to reduce the risk and cost of the option trade
  • Using the strike price selection and option framework to calculate spread risk and or to adapt trades further
  • How to start generating additional income from options
  • Understanding index options and the XL Series and how to trade index options using the framework

There’s a full and comprehensive roadmap which helps with index options trading.

We will also touch on ETF options trading using the full framework.

Each participant will get 2 x 1 hour one-to-one mentorship sessions as part of the course.

At the end of the course you will:

  • Know how to use option spread strategies and strategies to reduce risk
  • Know how to use options to reduce risk for trades going against the trader
  • Understand the building blocks to build your own strategies
  • Understand how to evaluate other strategies and calculate if they will actually work before placing the trades
  • Have a full, comprehensive roadmap to the best index option trades based on market and business cycles
  • Know how to read fund flows for index options and how they precede large moves in sector indexes
  • Use ETF option trading
  • Know how to generate income from options

In this couse you will be placing option trades and will also be expected to present your trading ideas to the group through structured homework.

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Over 24 hours of unique educational content to enable you to trade options with VSA with confidence and consistency.

Course price - $2,999