SMART Center

Complete semi-automated trading package. Trade any market, any trading style, any time frame.


  • ABCs of VSA Core Course
  • Rules-based trading strategies
  • SMART Center Software Toolset

Works for futures, FOREX, CFDs, stocks, commodities, options and cryptos.

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SMART center

Works with the following trading platforms

InfinityFutures | Tradeguider
MetaTrader | Tradeguider
MetaTrader 5 | Tradeguider
Ninja Trader | Tradeguider
Sierra Chart | Tradeguider
TradeStation | Tradeguider

The ABCs of VSA Core Course

A complete, modular educational course which provides all you need to begin trading any market using Wyckoff VSA.

The modules can be accessed on PC, tablet and mobile.

The course covers:

  • How the markets work
  • Key trading principles
  • How to use the scanners and tools
  • How to use the SMART Technology
  • How to use the trading strategies

The course contains 1 hour of content - all you need to begin trading.



Strategy Documents

4 pre-set strategies cover every trading style: 

  • Sharpshooter intra-day strategy

  • Superscalper scalping strategy

  • Prism longer term investment strategy

  • TopBot counter-trend strategy

The entire trading process is distilled down into key steps.

The rules-based strategies simplify the trading process and provide a structured approach to trading which rapidly accelerates learning.

Download the SharpShooter Strategy as a PDF

Download the SuperScalper Strategy as a PDF

Download the Prism Strategy as a PDF

Download the TopBot Strategy as a PDF


Tradeguider SMART Center Toolset

The Toolset consists of 3 elements:

  • The SMART Scanner
  • The VSA Indicators
  • The Trading Tools

The SMART Scanner scans charts looking for trend alignment in multiple time frames. When it has detected trend alignment it then looks for Wyckoff VSA principles signifying a potential trade setup.

Once a setup has been identified the Wyckoff VSA indicators are used together with the Strategy Document to confirm the setup and identify an entry point.

Once a trade is entered the trading tools help you manage and exit the trade.



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Full-Feature Breakdown of our Packages

Packages to suit part-time, full-time, professional, or institutional traders

  • VSA Lite Indicators
  • App Notifications
  • Short Term Trending Tool
  • Relative Volume Tool
  • Email Notifications
  • Full VSA Indicator Set
  • Medium Term Trending Tool
  • Volume Thermometer
  • Stop Management Tool
  • Scan Medium Term Trend in up to 10 Time Frames
  • Scan up to 25 Markets Simultaneously
  • Scan for Confirmation Signals in up to 10 Time Frames
  • Provide Audible Alert for Change in Trend
  • SMART Trading Strategies
  • Scan Volume Thermometer in Multiple Time Frames
  • Configure Confirmation Signals
  • Configure Trend Tools Settings
  • Scan for Retracement Level Analysis
  • Scan Using Trigger Bar Analysis
  • Complete Tool Configuration
VSA Lite
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SMART Center
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SMART Center Pro
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Any market, any trading style, any level of experience

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Package Benefits
  • More trading, less time-consuming chart analysis
  • Alerts  you to trade setups  so you are not tied to your trading platform
  • Greater productivity
  • Identifies smart money activity enabling you to trade in harmony with their moves
  • No lagging indicators
  • No extra data feed required  - the tools use the feed that powers your trading platform
  • Proven methodology with 100-year track record
  • Rules-based trading strategies simplify the trading process to bring structure and consistency
  • In-trend and countertrend trading
  • Any time frame, market and trading style

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