Automated Trade Alerts

Automated trade alerts are delivered to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and cover stocks, FOREX and futures markets.

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Stocks, FOREX & Futures
Trade Alerts

Automated trade alerts  delivered direct to your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

These alerts are based on the time-tested strategies of Wyckoff Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) which Tom Williams evolved from Richard Wyckoff's trading method.

They are supported by a full user manual and video which explains how they work and how to trade with them.

This is NOT a signals service, it is a service that alerts you to a future trade setup.

Time frames for futures and FOREX are from daily down to 1 minute.

Time frames for stock alerts are monthly down to daily.

Stocks alerts are currently available for US and Canada, UK, European, Australasian and Middle East markets. 

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FOREX & Futures alerts | Tradeguider

Example Trade Alert

Alert Example | Tradeguider

The alerts offer the following features


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

  • Stocks, futures and FOREX markets traded in multiple time frames
  • Suggested entry price
  • An average of 200 alerts each month
  • 99.8% guaranteed uptime


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

  • Suggested profit target
  • Generated by automated systems not commercially available
  • Suggested stop loss
  • FOREX & futures alerts can be emailed to your mobile - the alert service needs to be running on your desktop for the email to trigger


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

  • Methodology involves Wyckoff VSA, advanced scanning and trending tools
  • Risk/reward ratio
  • Service can appear as an icon on the homepage on mobile devices
  • Email notifications can be sent when alerts are triggered (Futures & FOREX)


Alert Configuration

The alerts can be configured to your requirements:

  • Turn email notifications on or off

  • Select trade direction - long, short or both

  • Select minimum time frame

  • Minimum profit in ticks

  • Minimum risk/reward ratio

Each market can be configured differently.


FOREX Alerts - Intraday

Futures Alerts - Intraday

Stocks Alerts - Daily

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