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Follow the team as we trade live in the markets with real money




The question we most often get asked is whether we can demonstrate that our software and VSA methodology works.

Although we host weekly livestream trading events where we trade the markets with real money, we have not had the facility to demonstrate results and show live trading in action.

Until now!

From Tuesday to Friday, 7:30am - 11:30am New York time we will be live trading in the markets and livestreaming this to subscribers.

  • See the trading desktop as we trade
  • Watch as trades are placed
  • Hear the running commentary
  • Post your questions
  • See full results and trading history

The trading will be livestreamed through our private YouTube channel to your desktop or laptop.


Trading Process

The Tradeguider team led by Trading Room host Dr Aram Kiani will trade on the TradingView platform using the Tradeguider VSA Lite package.

The trades are based around the favourite trading approach of Tom Williams, the inventor of the VSA methodology.

Aram has been working with the Tradeguider development team since the VSA Lite package was first planned and has traded extensively across all markets and time frames.

The system will scan for professional buying and selling indicators, then for confirmation indicators and trend analysis to identify entry points.

Trades will be taken, managed and exited using the strategies built up by the team.


Trading Performance

April 2022

Month Opening
Surplus Winning
July $1,221 $1,334 $177
(37 trades)
(37 trades)
(18 trades)

Year to date

Start month Opening balance Closing Balance Winning trades Losing trades Annualised return
February 2022 $1,000 $1,334 $436 $102 133.4%

What's Included

Subscription to the Live Trading Room includes the following features:

  • Access to the Live Trading Room
  • Access to the last 30 days of session archives
  • Chat facililty
  • Access to the Trading Room WhatsApp group
  • Trading history from the past 2 weeks
  • Results from the last month
  • Year-to-date results

The service is accessed through the Tradeguider Customer Area in the same way as our other software and services.


Trading activity

All trades are taken using a small live account:

  • Short term scalping trades
  • Longer term trades
  • Subscribers can suggest trading opportunities to analyse
  • Short and Long trades
  • All trades taken using the Trendsetter strategy contained in the Lite package

As each trade is taken Aram provides a running commentary explaining the process and rationale behind each trading decision.


Session archives

All sessions are now archived:

  • 30 days access to every archive
  • Access on PC MAC, plus mobile devices
  • View each session at a time to suit you
  • Re run sessions to maximise the learning points

Subscriber Comments

John Q - US

I just wanted to drop a note to say what an amazing company Tradeguider has been for many years. I found Tradeguider about 15 years ago and have been learning with them ever since. I have looked at many, many other trading programs and wasted thousands of dollars in testing but absolutely nothing comes close to the guidance and knowledge of the Tradeguider team. I now subscribe to all their software and I am enrolled in live trading and mentorship as well. Don't waste any more time searching...Tradeguider is the one. Thank You

Paulo S - Portugal

Tradeguider VSA Lite Live Trading Room is an excellent and unique way to learn and improve my VSA Lite principles for trading effectively in today's markets. Be an intra-day trader, swing trader or even weekly or monthly trader of Forex/Indexes/Stocks/Commodities or Bonds, the Live Trading Room effectively reduces the learning curve of the VSA Lite Methodology of Trading and improves my success at trading in today's markets

Chanelle M - South Africa

Just a short note to let you know how extremely valuable the time in the Trading Room has been. Aram is a phenomenal mentor and patiently explains all the principles over and over again I have almost every bar description memorised now thanks to the webinars and the tradingroom. I can hear Aram’s voices in my head.

Randal C - US

Richard Wyckoff, Tom Williams, and Gavin Holmes have paved the way for all of us to be consistently profitable. And of course, Aram keeps us focused and on track in the trading room. Therefore, I have signed up for 12 months and commit to using this room membership to help me re-define my trading plan and become consistently profitable. To make the most of my membership, I will think of everyone in this group as my trading accountability partners and will continue to share my trade setups as I see them.

Mark R - US

It is great to have four hours available with others that understand the power of Tradeguider methodology. Trading can be a lonely pursuit . The benefit of communicating with other traders is invaluable.

Andrew B - UK

What really stands out for me is how much more accurate I have become in determining entries/exits and what the market is going to be doing. Really took my trading to another level. It is like being in the office with you guys. It’s awesome, glad I can be part of this journey that Tom started and you continued


So what are the benefits of subscribing?

Interview with Dr Aram as he covers the main benefits his subscribers are experiencing



Live Trade Room Disclosure:
This room is for educational purposes only and the opinions expressed are those of the presenter only. All trades presented should be considered hypothetical and should not be expected to be replicated in a live trading account.