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Explosive new book reveals how all markets are moved by the "Smart Money" hedge funds and trading syndicates

In the book professional trader Gavin Holmes shows traders and investors how they can trade in harmony with the big players to "Even the Odds" .

The book explains in easy-to-understand language how all markets work, how that activity can translate into information on the chart and then shows you simple, but effective trading strategies and set up's to help you conquer the trading challenge.

With over 200 pages featuring full color charts, this book is a revelation to new and experienced traders and investors - whatever market they trade.

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Having been taught by veteran syndicate trader Tom Williams, Gavin has been actively trading the markets and teaching traders and investors to understand how market manipulation occurs and how to trade in harmony with it.

During his travels to countries including Malaysia, the US, UK, Australia and the Middle East, he has talked with thousands of traders - many of whom struggle to make money from trading. He has also met numerous hedge fund traders and fund managers who have consistently made substantial sums of money in the markets.

In his explosive book Gavin reveals evidence that the markets and manipulated and examines the manipulation process. He shows how these activities can be revealed on any chart correctly, so the trader can trade in harmony with the market moves - which are very often in the opposite direction to what most traders think.

Taught and mentored by veteran syndicate trader Tom Williams (inventor of Volume Spread Analysis), Gavin decided to write a book that would simplify and clarify the Volume Spread Analysis method by distilling this powerful methodology down into simple rules to follow when analyzing charts.

The book outlines and identifies the principal signs of strength and weakness in a straight-forward practical format and then translates them into usable practical trade set ups for the reader to use in their every day trading or investment activity.

These trading set ups the form the basis of a trading plan which can be used as the focus point of the readers trading activity.

This book applies equally if you are new to trading, or are an experienced trader. It is relevant to any market and any time scale - so it is an equally important read for investors as well as traders.