The Tom Williams Retrospective Collection

In commemoration of Tom's passing 7 years ago next month, we have selected a collection of Tom's work across books, videos, courses and events from 2012 until Tom died in November 2016

Wyckoff VSA Point & Figure Course | Tradeguider
  • Over 60 video webirar sessions.
  • Detailed chart analysis from the master.
  • Unique market analysis which can be used on today's charts.
  • Never publicly released until now.


The Closing Bell

Weekly educational chart analysis videos.

From 2012 until 2015 Tom hosted his Closing Bell webinar event most Friday's alongside his trading buddy and friend Peter Offen.

Each week Tom would give his take on the week's trading through detailed chart analysis. The events typically lasted 1 hour.

These videos have never been publicly available and were recorded on a video format no longer in use. We have converted them to make them available to view on PC, tablet or smartphone

Over 60 hours of unique educational content which is just as relevant today as it was when Tom recorded it.

Advanced Strategies for Trading Futures | Tradeguider
  • Aimed at traders and investors already active in these markets.
  • 12 hours divided in 4 sessions. 
  • Tom's last stage appearance in the US.
  • Equips you with more advanced strategies and techniques.


The 3 Ws - Wyckoff, Weis, Williams

Live educational event - Chicago June 2011.

The only time Tom Williams and David Weis shared the same stage, alongside Dr Gary Dayton, Steve Philips and Gavin Holmes.

Two goals, 3 laws, 5 steps when reading charts.

Professional insights into chart reading

Entry and exit strategies Identify smart money movements

Risk management techniques

This event will help you understand the charts better, Increase your confidence when entering and exiting trades, learn how to trade key market events and bring the right mindset to your trading.

Master the Markets | Tradeguider
  • Explosive ebook reveals how all markets are moved by the smart money.
  • Shows how to decode the invisible buy and sell signals that the professionals understand.
  • Over 230 pages crammed full of charts.
  • Shows how to trade in harmony with the big players to even the odds


Master the Markets eBook

Tom Williams was the only syndicate trader in the world to author a book revealing how smart money influences the markets.

Imagine you could know in advance which way the market was going to move.

With this knowledge you'd be able to predict the ups and downs, and profit accordingly.

It's every trader's dream ...the ability to buy at the bottom of the market and sell at the top. Would you use it? Of course you would!

No matter what they do, the professionals can never hide their intentions. They may be leading the market, but they leave tell-tale signs for anyone with the right knowledge to follow. It doesn't take much imagination to see how you could use this information to your advantage.

It means that all other factors - such as the fundamentals of a company including its management, the strength of the dollar, and interest rates - simply aren't important in your analysis. Ditto for newspaper financial columns, investment journals, broker recommendations and television coverage.

The only truly important consideration is what the professional money is doing. That's the only thing that matters.

VSA Stocks and Commodities Trading | Tradeguider
  • Each week from 2011 until 2013 veteran syndicate trader Tom Williams penned a newsletter.
  • Over 600 chart examples.
  • Unique chart analyses from an insider.
  • Completely fascinating, absorbing and informative


Tom Williams Newsletter Compilation - All 4 Vols

Veteran trader and Wyckoff VSA inventor Tom Williams penned a weekly newsletter for members of the VSA Club.

Each week he presented a blend of chart analysis, explanation of the principles and his predictions for the coming days.

He built up a unique view of how the markets behave so VSA-enlightened traders can predict and profit from market movements.

These newsletters have been compiled into a collection of eBooks entitled 'That was The Week That Was'. All kinds of chart readers will find these ebooks contain a completely fascinating, absorbing and informative analysis of a wide range of stock, futures and currency charts.

VSA FOREX Trading | Tradeguider
  • Tom's personal view on the markets.
  • See how Tom became an insider.
  • Hear his personal views on how the markets really work.
  • Tom's only in-depth interview.


Tom Williams in Conversation

40 minute video interview with CEO Gavin Holmes.

Tom explains how he set bout computerising the VSA methodology and why computers are so good for chart analysis.

Tom explains how strength and weakness work and how they work in a contrarian way..

They discuss the best places to enter the market following VSA set ups and what to look for as trades set up.

Mis information, market manipulation and smart money are all discussed, along with Tom's favorite VSA setups.

Tom Williams Final Mentorship Course | Tradeguider
  • Learn Volume Spread Analysis from the master of the markets.
  • Forensic chart reading and trading.
  • Features VSA originator Tom Williams
  • 15 hours of educational content.


Tom Williams Final Mentorship Course

Your only chance to be taught this powerful methodology by its inventor.

Spread over five sessions, these 15 hours of forensic chart reading and trading by the outstanding expert provide unique insights into the markets.

If you are going to master a trading methodology, what better way than to learn it with its creator.

Ownership price - $599